P7001 USB+ Interface

USB meets magnetic-core memory…

P7001 USB+ is a native USB interface & controller for the Tektronix P7001 Digitizer. It can be used to connect the P7001 to a modern PC. Alternatively, the integrated controller module can replace the basic functionality of a missing original computer. A mixed mode operation is also possible.

The P7001 USB+ Interface provides a bilateral link between the P7001 and the computer. The computer has full access to all programmable functions in the Processor, and the P7001, in turn, is also able to initiate data transfer at any time. The Interface has direct access to the internal bus of the P7001. This enables the fastest possible data access.


  • Native USB interface
    • Electrically isolated

    • Operates at up to 480 Mbit/sec

  • Integrated Controller
    • Terminal mode

    • Stand-alone mode

    • On-screen Menus for navigation

  • Built-in Programs
    • Pulse Parameter Analysis

    • Graphic demos

    • Calibration procedures

    • Hardware tests

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